Business management courses in London

KBM WORK EXPERIENCE IN LONDON aims to provide services that most providers overlook. A lot of young people are not taught how to budget their money, learn the ins and outs of basic accountancy or how to start their own business if they wanted to. We feel that the best way for a student to learn and retain information is to use their own initiative, use the information given to them to create a final outcome. Business management courses in London are highly sought after, it costs a lot of money to take this course and we feel that every student should have the opportunity and the tools to succeed. We offer effective and excellent courses at an affordable rate and our students leave well informed and happy. Continue reading

Social media marketing training courses

Social media is a term many of us are familiar with, some have misconceptions about it and some have their own interpretations for what it’s actually used for. Social Media is a tool that websites and applications use to give users the ability to create and share content to a wide audience or to network with other users for various reasons. Over the years websites and apps have been created for social media, but those apps specifically create things geared towards a targeted audience and demographic. This can be seen in the way the website or app is designed, the features they hold and how they market themselves.

For example, Twitter is a social site that enables their users to share short messages or “updates” on their profile. Facebook, in contrast is a very people-based and public social networking site that allows users to share status updates, photos, videos, events and more.

Social media is a great platform that takes small things and develops them into bigger things. Everyday people can turn into tomorrow’s superstar thanks to the powerful tool of social media, but you have to know how to use it. Continue reading

Workplace Diversity Program

Workplace diversity outlines the differences between people within an organisation.This includes factors such as race, gender, ethnic group, age, education, background and more. Diversity isn’t just about how people view themselves, but how they view others. Those perceptions have a significant impact on their interactions with each other. For those who are interested in gaining a deeper insight into the topic of diversity in the workplace, KBM WORK EXPERIENCE IN LONDON is the place for you. We have a workplace diversity program that equips students with the knowledge that will benefit them if they hope to own a company one day, become a manager or a human resource professional. Continue reading

English Language Course & Work Experience with KBM A Joint Programme

Have you been thinking of a work experience in the UK but you don’t feel very confident about your knowledge of English? No problem at all. KBM Group, a company located in London, offers a joint programme including both an English language course and, at a later time, an internship. Let’s see more in detail what it deals with…

English language course

Courses are held in different KBM’s branches: it depends on how long you’re prepared to stay in London. If you feel like bringing on extensive – yet quick – improvement in your English language, well, the courses at Park Royal are definitely the best choice. Their main aim is to help you develop up-to-the-mark practical communication skills. You’ll be in a group and you’ll follow the courses 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. As for the other days, KBM organises plenty of activities you can take part in! Continue reading

The benefits of carrying out a Work Experience placement in London

universityHave you ever thought of carrying out a work experience placement? If you haven’t, well, it’s high time you took into account this idea. Don’t worry if you’re a student and you’re afraid of falling behind with university.Sometimes you can spend just a couple of weeks carrying out your internship, but it’s definitely something worth doing even for such a little time: when it’s over, you’ll go back to your studies with the great sensation of having somehow been enhanced. And if you’re already planning an internship but you haven’t made up your mind yet where to have your work experience, there’s no question: the perfect destination is London.

Why choosing London? First of all, because nowadays English is the language of business, and if you’re a proficient English speaker, you’re going to be head and shoulders above anyone else. There’s not a better way of learning a language than going to a place where it’s spoken.studying While carrying out your internship in London, you’ll learn plenty of new expressions of topics you actually need… and often without having a hard time studying. English isn’t spoken only in London, that’s true, but this city’s likely to be the best destination in the UK for your work experience mainly because not so many other places can count on such a stimulating environment. During your placement in London, you’ll meet loads of people from all over the world: that means you’ll have a chance not only to improve your English more and more, but to become a more open-minded person too… that’s a quality always turning out to be useful in life!

Besides, it’s not so difficult to carry out an internship in London: unlike other countries, the UK does seem to bet on youngsters, on their talent and creativity. Lots of Londoner companies are always on the lookout for young people who’d like to carry out a work experience. These placements are often funded by organisations such as the European Union, so you can be pretty sure of their reliability. When the experience is over, you’re usually given a letter of reference, which is definitely going to enhance your CV: don’t forget that these days having had a previous work experience might be your ace in the hole when you’re interviewed for a job! And, last but not least, there are many companies – like, for instance, KBM Group in Park Royal – not only prepared to take you on, but also in charge of finding you affordable and convenient accommodation. This way, from the very beginning of your experience in London (when you mightn’t be particularly streetwise yet), you’ll easily have a roof over your head without risking being conned. What else could you long for?


So, what are you still waiting for? Thanks to a placement in London, you’ll have a fantastic chance to visit one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, to make your English more and more fluent, to get into the job market, to enhance your CV, to meet plenty of new people… in a word, to have an experience you won’t regret having had! In your shoes, I’d go and start packing right away!!!

Author by:Francesca Cerutti










Erasmus Plus: Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices

Erasmus Plus is a new and improved version of the renowned Erasmus. This new programme – launched in 2014 and active until 2020 – keeps offering projects abroad, concerning both education and work, but among its news there’s the cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices. That means that in several fields strategic partnerships between education and training have been set up. Continue reading

Social and Excursion programmes

The main intent of a work experience in London, as it is thought at KBM, is not simply to introduce briefly students and young graduates to the business world, but to help them form both in their working and in their personal abilities in perspective of their future profession. Thus, candidates who undergo an internship period in KBM Group are not only conducted at the workplace exclusively in order to complete the tasks they are given, but are constantly guided to familiarize and get fully involved in an experience thought to anticipate the personal career and so prepare them to face their future lives. Continue reading

Testimonials by KBM Work Experience in London Students

Whether you need to improve your English skills or gain work experience in a professional environment, KBM Work Experience in London is the right place to invest in your future.Sometimes after graduating it can be difficult to find a good job without previous work experience attached to your CV. English language, basic computer skills and the ability to work in a multicultural situation is a crucial element to entering the world of work. Continue reading