Project Summary

Entering Into the European Labour Market-Improving Key competencies in the cities of the United Kingdom (2017)

With the help of our mobility project, our institution would like to tender for the implementation of foreign apprentice trainings for students participating in the professional trainings of office secretary and business information technologist. With the implementation of the project, we have set the aim of reaching complex development goals. First of all, our major goal is to adorn our students with knowledge and competences utilizable in the labour market. Accordingly, this means the improvement of the knowledge in English, the professional language and the digital competences as well as the work-based acquisition of modern theoretical and practical knowledge. According to our plans, the mobility will be implemented between 10th and 30th September, 2017. We have chosen the UK. as the target country of our project because it represents, among others, a higher level of development regarding the management methods and technologies as well as the business processes and IT. Thus we are convinced that the mobilities implemented in Brighton and London would mean efficient support for the implementation of the institution’s goals and missions.

It is a part of our goal system to contribute to the improvement of our students’ digital and foreign language competences in the target language environment. Moreover, we provide them the opportunity to acquire up-to-date practical and intercultural knowledge during work-based study. Through our project, we would like to develop our students’ employability, independence, initiative and motivation concerning the study results and the lifelong learning. Regarding the content, our aim is that the students of office secretary become acquainted with the effective management methods and processes, the management of records, the electronic document management as well as the application of the related software. For our students of business information technology, we have set the aim of writing macros, getting acquainted with internet services, office software, development environments as well as solving accounting and managing tasks.

Regarding the institution our important development goal is to offer flexible study opportunities suitable for the demand of the young in order to acquire marketable knowledge, and develop English language competencies. The students of office secretary must give an account of their knowledge of a series of themes in English at the vocational examination and the labour market also requires the knowledge of at least one foreign language. Concerning our students of business information technology, it is an essential requirement of the profession and the labour market to acquire English language at the highest possible level. The demand on the summer apprentice training appears as a further shortage area in their training structure. During the summer apprentice trainings they can acquire knowledge complementing their studies, and they can also develop several key competences that are important regarding the future employment. Due to the specific features of their professional training, they currently do not have any possibilities for this. We would like not only to fill this gap with our proposal but we also would like to prepare our students for the employment with these foreign professional theoretical and practical experiences, the better command of English and the more developed key competences.

Regarding our institutional goals, we are also planning to integrate the knowledge acquired in England into the Local Curriculum and syllabus, to impart the students the modern knowledge as well as to popularize our institution among the young interested in professional trainings after the school-leaving examination with the help of the mobility results Our accompanying teachers are significantly participating in achieving our goals. Besides supporting the students, they also follow with attention the fulfilment of the work programme, perform evaluative tasks, and collect the good practices and knowledge seen during the mobility. All of these can be applied in our trainings by transmitting them to the staff. As a result of our project, our students will be able to succeed better in the labour market with the knowledge, the more developed key competences and the experiences gained abroad.As productive employees they will contribute to the increase of the competitiveness of their future workplace.


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