We value the comfort of our trainees, therefore we will go every extra mile to make you feel at home during your stay in London, so just pack your bags and leave the rest to us! We can provide you with all range of accommodations to suite your needs so you can bring in full potential to your work.

Whether you are looking for a cosy single room to maintain your privacy in a placid area of town, or shared rooms if you like to meet and live with new interesting people to socialise by the vibrant city side, you will have it your way!

In cooperation with an accommodation agency based in London and accredited by the British council, We will provide you with a value for money stay where you will have a range of accommodations to choose from according to your budget and duration of stay in London.

You can choose from the following options.

Home stay and private homes

We can provide you with a single or a twin room, located in any area of London from Zone 1-5, fully furnished room with all the utilities included, to enhance your comfort we can also provide you a room with breakfast and dinner served at your place. Private Bathroom supplement per person can also be provided.


Helping you get placements and work experience to explore formal and informal ways to build the skills that employers need.

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Language Courses

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Digital Marketing Training

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Student Services

EU Funded Programs are designed to enhance the employability of students and in enhancing the employment and domestic opportunities.

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