What is "Virtual Internships In London”

Work Experience in London is the traineeship agency of KBM Group, creating Virtual Internships Programme opportunities for EU & Non-EU students.

Work Experience in London was created in 2012 with the aim of providing the following services:

  • Virtual and Non-Virtual Internships Tutoring and Monitoring
  • Mentoring and guidance to improve the Curriculum Vitae
  • Upgrading of the professional skills and competences
  • End of Work Experience Certificate
  • Letter of Reference

Virtual Internships in London has many well-trained staff who are experienced in providing support to trainees and students who need to improve their skills in accountancy, marketing, administration or any other business sector covered by the professional traineeship programmes of KBM Group and by our partner hosting companies in various sectors.

Also referred to as online, remote or e-experience, virtual work experience gives students the opportunity to complete a virtual work experience from home (4 hours per day from Monday to Friday). Online work experience is open to all learners and offers new opportunities of professional training, the learners are required to have a pc and an internet connection to participate in our programme, they need to have basic computer skills and a good knowledge of the English language.

Programme Features

  • When: all year-round, starting any Monday
  • Duration: from 2 to 12 weeks
  • Timing: 4 hours per day from Monday to Friday
  • Various Sectors Available
  • Tutoring and Monitoring
  • End of Work Experience E-Certificate
  • Letter of Reference from KBM Group or from one of our partner hosting companies.

Virtual Sectors Available

  • Secretarial and Administrative Roles
  • Web Design and Development
  • Business Communication
  • Human Resources
  • Education
  • Digital Skills Training
  • Information Information and Computer Technology
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Mobile APP Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Other Sectors are available upon request.

Program Requirements

  • English CV (Europass Format or Similar
  • WhatsApp number, Skype ID and a Gmail account
  • A Letter of Motivation in English
  • Application “Virtual Internships in London
  • Skype Call with one of our tutors
  • Signature of your Learning Agreement.

Virtual Recruitment Process

  • If you want to apply for your Virtual Internship programme you need to provide us with all the documents as described in the “Programme Requirements”.
  • After the documents have been assessed, one of our tutors contacts you to schedule a Skype Call to assess your level of English and your learning objectives.
  • After the call, the tutoring team prepares the learning agreement to be signed by the learner/intern.
  • The Learning Agreement contains the list of tasks to be shared with the candidate.
  • The candidate starts the virtual internship programme from Monday to Friday, after receiving ample information about the monitoring and weekly meetings with the assigned company tutor from KBM Group or from the selected hosting company.


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Virtual Internships in London

Work Experience in London is the traineeship agency of KBM Group, creating Virtual Internship Program opportunities.....

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