Mentoring and support

Our purpose is to provide you with a career path that will lead you to prosperity, We not only provide the trainings but also support and mentoring to help you excel at every task you need to accomplish to build up your career. As we understand coming and living at a new place can be challenge, but we will make sure we provide you with ease as we will guide you regarding different issues of living in the UK.

For instance, we can support you with financial issues, such as opening a bank account. We can give you information like which type of account would be best, what the requirements are, and which types of documentation you would need. This is so that you can manage your funds effectively while you live and work in London.

We will also help you understand the importance of having a National Insurance Number, which you will eventually need to secure employment in the UK, and so we also provide information about the procedure in applying for this.

As our target is to help you get employed, we will also assist in job searching so that your chances getting a job can be maximised. We will also be able to provide you with references, and highlight the current industry trends so that you can understand what skills the employers are looking for, whilst aiding you in developing those skills.

student services in london

Once you have developed those skills, we will teach you the art of presentation, which is how you show you CV, so that you stand out from the rest of the applicants and increase your chances of being called to a job interview. We can also give you the chance to practice at one of our mock interviews. Once you are equipped with all of our support, you will feel confident in your ability to progress towards your dream career.

For us, it’s not just about helping you get equipped with the technical skills you need, but also with providing a whole range of professional development experience, as we will focus on your core values and help you realise your true potential, so that you can be the person who is capable of achieving your goals.


Helping you get placements and work experience to explore formal and informal ways to build the skills that employers need.

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Student Services

EU Funded Programs are designed to enhance the employability of students and in enhancing the employment and domestic opportunities.

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