Project Summary

The main purpose of the project is to improve, through the exchange of best practices, staff expertise of the organizations involved in adult education, in the field of digital literacy, especially for some target groups of people who are most disadvantaged in the labor market and more exposed to social exclusion, such as immigrants and the unemployed.

The partners involved in “Digital Inclusion”, while operating in geographically and culturally in different contexts, daily they have to face common challenges regarding technological, economic and migration changes, that are transforming both our society, and the labour market, which requires new skills and continuous knowledge updates. The organizations involved in adult education must take account of these changes and work in synergy with foreign partners; in order to discover and develop new methods and strategies, able to involve in greater amounts and more effectively disadvantaged adults in lifelong learning.

The partners are agree that a social inclusion should start from an intensive adult learning pathway that includes cultural, sensitivity and digital literacy. The integrated and innovative approaches, in order to support employability and social inclusion, will be : discovered thanks to the exchange of good practices; tested and learned by the staff of the participants' organizations thanks to the project meeting and mainly during the Joint Staff Training Event; transferred to anyone dealing with an adult learning fostering the development of social, civic, intercultural competences, thanks to Open Educational Resources made available in English and in all partners' National Languages.

The project will have impacts at the local, national and European level, in terms of enhancing the expertise of staff involved, as well as in term of increase the know-how of a large adult educators network, because the products and the expected results may be used by all those who work for the adult education and digital literacy of the unemployed and migrants.


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